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    Component works at design time, but not compiled

      1. Create component using AS 2.0 methodology. Works perfect in the FLA file. The syntax checker has "no errors".

      2. Create the SWC and test it. It fails, and runs through the constructor for the class linked to the component. Based on movie clip class, nothing else. No interfaces used, no external dependancies other than this one AS class. No code in the FLA whatsoever. No signs of error at all. Traces and debuger is useless as always.

      What should have happened is, this line of code should have created a movie clip:

      attachMovie (varMCToShow, "myname", getNextHighestDepth())

      Again, use the FLA file for the component and it works. Turn that FLA into a SWC it fails. Yes, I've created many other SWCs in the past. No, I don't use _root or _global in any code.

      Anyone have any ideas?

      *sigh* Flash is such a bad dev program