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    FDS Hosting?

      Is there anything in the licensing agreement for Flex Data Services (or any version of it) that would prevent someone from hosting Flex Data Services for other RIA developers?
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          SamCantCode Level 1
          Hi update on info regarding this from the sales associate that contacted me:

          He stated that if we were interested in hosting FDS (similar to how people are hosting Flex Media Server) that the cost would be exponentially larger than just the Enterprise pricing per CPU.

          This caught me off guard. Is it true that based on my usage, Adobe wants to try and raise the price just because I want to take advantage of the unlimited concurrent user capabilities that I am paying $20,000 for?

          Does the FDS EULA say anything about buying FDS Enterprise and then hosting it for those who may have needs somewhere between 100 and unlimited concurrent users (which I think is quite a considerable jump). My company's RIA's have the "potential" to max out 100 concurrent users... hopefully. But in the meantime, until that happens, I wouldn't mind hosting FDS to try and cover some of the cost of purchasing it and offering the slack in usage to other developers.

          Anybody got any idea on whether this is accurate? Is the pricing solid? Or is it negotiable; based on my intended use, Adobe may try to charge me more than someone else for the same product?
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            sanclementetech Level 1
            I just use my current host who supports java servlet hosting, www.dailyrazor.com. I just upload the jar files to the server and away I go.
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              SamCantCode Level 1
              Thanks ofr the reply. However, I am wondering not about finding a host where I can put FDS.

              But can I actually "host" FDS services for other developers to access without compromising the EULA.
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                sanclementetech Level 1
                First, I am not a lawyer. But if it were me, I would as long as there is a different domain and account associated with it, then why not? The problem is that the FDS Express is limited to one application. Other than that I am not sure how it works. I would suggest talking with Adobe about a partnership and a VLA.
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                  SamCantCode Level 1
                  Hi. Here's an update:

                  Chris English (very helpful Adobe sales rep) put me in touch with Steve Chernoff (Adobe software engineer) to answer some questions we had.

                  In addition to it being a very positive and informative conversation, he brought up a good point; because FDS is not simply a bit pusher (like FMS which is being hosted by some companies) it would be very difficult to offer all of the elements that would be necessary to host "just" FDS. And typically, Flex developers want to retain control over all of the elements of their RIA development and keep them in-house.

                  In short, he said it is not something that they are currently planning on offering as a host-able product.

                  Thanks for the help Chris & Steve.