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    Lightroom hanging on import from SD Card


      When importing Nikon RAW images from an SD card on Lightroom 5.7 and copying to harddrive (Macbook Pro 5,4 15", OSX Mavericks, 8Gb Ram, 1Tb HDD), Lightroom hangs. When 'import' is stopped, it is not possible to import from the same source a second time (though SD Card is still shown as connected in finder).

      Lightroom will then not shut down and needs to be force-quitted.


      If I copy all of the images to a new folder on the desktop, everything works fine. If I add the SD card as a library location and import to itself, it works fine.


      This problem has only started happening with LR5.7. All previous versions of Lightroom 3, 4 and 5 worked perfectly.



      The problem report (to be sent to Apple) is below: