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    Extracting the first page of multiple PDFs & saving them as jpegs.

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      Dear all,


      First post - hope its in the right place.

      I work in Publishing, and I have been given the following task - I have about 400 ebooks, all in pdf format, and my task is to extract the cover from every one of them (which is the first page of every pdf) and export them all as separate jpeg files (file names can remain exactly the same - ie, the name of the pdf book will be the same as the jpeg file). So I will end up with 400 ebooks and 400 jpegs of their covers.

      Anyone have any idea how to do this ?

      i have Windows and acrobat 8

      I have looked at batch processing in acrobat, but the option to extract the first page of multiple pdf files is not one of the options. there is an option to create your own script which im guessing is my best bet ? (hence why i have posted my question here)  Though I don't have the first clue about this. Have done some google searches, and some people have created similar things, but I cant seem to get them to work.

      Any advice greatly appreciated.



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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Have you looked for a sequence file, the instructions for a batch process or action, to do this?


          One can use JavaScript to extract a given page(s) form a PDF.


          The coding for sequence files changed with version X so you need to find a batch sequence that is written for version 9 or below.


          Extract pages to a folder will extract to a PDF file. One could then process that group of files to convert them to jpeg images.


          Or one could delete all but the first page and save the file as a Jpeg.


          You need to realize that Acrobat 8 has not been supported for years and you really need to upgrade to version XI or the next new version when that comes out.

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            richard27 Level 1

            Thanks for replying.


            In acrobat, I read the help files to create batch processing. But they were for a very small pre-set (ie - print the first page of every pdf etc) - there was not one for extracting the first page. There was an option of creating your own, but this then involved acrobat script (or something like that) and afraid this is somewhat beyond me.


            I don't even know what you mean when you say look for a sequence file (though im guessing this is some kind of script ?)  but, i will look for a 'sequence file' for acrobat 8 and see what it turns up.


            Thanks again

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              richard27 Level 1

              ok, i have found a set of acrobat batch sequence and come across the following :


              Batch sequence name: Extract Pages to Folder.sequ. Task: For each file from the selected files, extract each of its pages and save the extracted pages to a particular folder.


              Example 2.10 Insert navigation icons


              /* Extract Pages to Folder */

              // A regular expression to acquire the base name of the file.

              var re = /.*\/|\.pdf$/ig;

              var filename = this.path.replace(re,"");




                for ( var i = 0; i < this.numPages; i++ )



                nStart: i,

                cPath: "/C/temp/myDocs/"+filename+"_"+i+".pdf" // change this });


              catch (e)


                 console.println("Batch Aborted: " + e )



              looks like i need something like this, but tried the above earlier, and couldnt get it to work (prob cause I didnt replace the words exactly correctly). I am guessing that i am entering this in the correct place though (ie - create new sequence, and got into the script editor box)