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    Presenter & PPT on a Mac


      I have a Mac and I also have several Power Point presentations.  Presenter for Mac doesn't seem to have the capability to work with PPT.  Any suggestions on other programs to get instead?

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          SuzMM Level 1

          Hi Jessica - What Mac OS and version of PPT are you running? Have you checked to see what you have meets the requirements? You also need to make sure your screen resolution is set correctly, depending on what Mac you have.


          I have been using Presenter 10 for Mac with Office 2011 PPTs for a while now. It worked fine with Mavericks OS. I had some problems at first now that I have a new MacBookPro running Yosemite (as I also had with Photoshop) when I transferred everything over. Although someone here from Adobe suggested I had to do ANOTHER creation of an admin user account (which I had to do to get PS to work - and that was a nightmare), today I decided to try doing a permissions repair, and then completely uninstall and reinstall Presenter. Thankfully that worked.


          The major problem I am having now is that PPT slides skip during playback. I have to go in and re-do each one that has skipped, and it takes and enormous amount of time to do that PLUS it makes my recorded a massively large file that takes forever to publish. Windows users are discussing a fix in the support forum that seems to be working for them with the same problem, but I'll have to talk to the techs directly about the same problem with Mac. They have not been helpful for past issues I had on a previous version of Presenter, so I am hoping for the best.

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            I believe you are asking about Presenter for Mac, not Presenter Video Express for Mac. And there isn't a full version of Presenter for Mac, so you would either need to have Windows and the Windows version of PPT to use Presenter in or you may need to look at something else. The Presenter Video Xpress tool may work for your needs, but you didn't say what you were trying to acomplish. Could you give more detail on what your end goal is, and we may be able to point in a direction to achieve that.

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              SuzMM Level 1

              Jorma, yes, the Mac Version is officially called "Presenter Video Express 10." Adobe has not created a full version for us Mac folks - and the download page (Windows and Mac) says this (re:Windows PPTs):

              Simplified install experience: The unified installer automatically detects whether Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your machine is the 32-bit version or the 64-bit version, and installs the appropriate product build.


              Like I said, I am using PowerPoint from Mac Office 2011 with Presenter Video Express 10 with no problem - other than the skipping slides issue the Windows people are having as well. But it is VERY basic program. I use it to create video courses and the minimal functions have been OK - I just wish we Mac users weren't treated like "lesser thans" and could have a full functioning version as well. I'm just grateful I'm a student and don't have to pay the full price, as $249.00 USD for the non-student Mac version is steep for what you get.

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                flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



                I agree with you, I think it is a steep price and is siginificantly more than it was when it was originally released. I do believe you should continue to work with Adobe Support to find a resolution to the slide skipping problem.


                I was just trying to clarify what Presenter for Mac was and looking to get an explanation of what the OP was trying to achieve.