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    Fastest single (sort of affordable) storage drive (sort of available) Samsung SM951 tested

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      Well PPBM has an new fastest single drive (no RAID necessary) score while exporting from Premiere.  While RAID systems have exported the Disk I/O timeline in 19 seconds (1952 MB/s) this is at a cost of expensive RAID cards and multiple disk/SSD's. The previous fastest single export time with an Samsung XP941 has been 39 seconds (951 MB/s).  Well this morning I got my Samsung SM951 and when I exported the PPBM Disk I/O timeline to it, it did it in 25 seconds (a 1483 MB/s write  rate) and while it does not yet compete with RAID it also is a lot less initial cost.  I found this one over in Ireland and for the 512 GB model paid $469 (£299.99 GBP).  I noticed today they are out of stock and that they raised the price.  This unit is now in the m.2 slot on my X99-E WS motherboard   This m.2 SSD is being shipped in one laptop presently and will sure be available in more as time goes on..

      Why speed?  In the past with hard disk drives you need several for because otherwise reading and writing processes would be competing for resources.  Remember Harm's guidelines for disk drives.  Well that is a thing of the past.  If you are in production and require a lot of on-line storage with high reliability the SSD's are not there yet, but for a typical four AVCHD camera shoot of a 1-2 hour event and especially with 4K, SSD's are clearly the way to go.


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      And this is not the end of the line when NVMe protocol and devices become available we will get another boost in solid-state performance