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    Adjustment Brush Sharpness set to - 100, bits of the picture not affected.


      When I use the Adjustment Brush and set the Sharpness slider all the way to the left (- 100) , the area affected by the brush strokes shows little bits of the picture that seem not to be affected. In the end the picture shows wierd looking atrifacts.


      Sometimes Lightroom is also very slow. So mutch that I have to quit working. I have tried every bit of advice given in the FAQ. My computer, althoug its has reasonable specs, is somewhat older.


      Does anyone know where this behavior might come from or what to do to fix this problem?



      Im on a windows machine, with Lightroom 5.7.1., everything in 64bit mode, 8 Gb memory, Q6600 Intel quadcore and an Samsung SSD.EVD20150308-7101.jpg