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    Does anyone know why exporting an ID CC 2014 document with images and selecting JPG vs. PNG for an ePub 3.0 Fixed Layout results in no visible drop shadow that's applied to each graphic frame?

    Bagels Level 1

      I have an ePub project I am laying out in InDesign CC 2014 and have placed all images into a graphic frame with a 6 point stroke and a drop shadow. When I export to ePub 3.0 Fixed Layout the drop shadow is not preserved and the border appears offset displaying an unexpected white area around the image. When I select PNG as a conversion option or Automatic (PNG) the drop shadows are preserved and the border is in correct without any white border areas.


      There is a significant difference in resulting exported file—70 MB (PNG) vs. 30 MB (JPG). This export represents 1 chapter out of 13 and has significantly fewer images. Your help is most appreciated.


      Thanks, David