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    Can I have multiple quiz reviews in a published Presenter 10 file?


      Client would like to present video, then ask user questions about video, they would like the option to review of those questions as a section completes.

      What's the best way to establish multiple reviews for a quiz in Presenter 10?


      Also having huge issues with final publish, corruption lines through content, has anyone else had problems with this?

      New machine 12G of ram and video files are all MP4's.


      Thanks, Angel

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



          I'll start with the multiple quizzes. Can you do it? Yes, but Presenter reports all the quizzes as a single quiz, in my experience. So, there isn't a whole lot of benefit between doing multiple quizzes vs. just placing content slides between quiz questions.


          If you are using the training module, I would recommend that you consider breaking each video and quiz into separate courses and then putting them together in a curriculum. This way you can track each 'unit' separately and then have an overall tracking status as well. This can also help with the overall length of the training as well, should it be a long presentation.


          The breaking up of the presentation may also help with the corruption issues, but that is a shot in the dark. Have you identified what is causing the corruption? If it is the MP4 videos, have you tried importing them as FLV?