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    Problem creating AVCHD


      I'm trying to create a AVCHD video in Adobe Photoshop Elements 13.1 (20150131.daily.767917). I am choosing "Fit Contents to available space" with an export to "Folder (8.5 GB)". The status is "Space required is more than the Disc capacity" and if I choose "ISO Image (8.5 GB)" and "Quality: Fit Contents to available space" I still get an error of "Insufficient disc space for burning (the local drive destination has lots of room, over 1.1 TB of space). Changing the presets has no impact.


      I'm stuck!


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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          How long is the video project and what are the source files?

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            danielb42169003 Level 1

            The project is 2:30:34 long and the source file types are MTS (AVCHD Video), MP4, MPEG, and MOV.

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              The "AVCHD Disk" is a variation on, and related, to Blu-Ray specifications.  Basically, it is a mini Blu-ray and useful for about 20 minutes of video on a single sided 4.7GB disk and twice that on a double sided disk. 


              The procedure you've selected is trying to create a file on your computer that will later fit on the "AVCHD Disk".  Premier Elements is telling you it can't fit two and a half hours into the file.   No software will do it. 


              If you are trying to make 2.5 hour disks, you are going to have to buy a Blu-Ray burner or accept the hit in quality loss making plain old DVDs.  


              Good luck!



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Typically DVD double layer single sided discs are labeled 8.5 GB/240 minutes. But in reality, that 8.5 GB is 7.95 GB.


                That is why your 8.03 GB Space Required (with check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space") is triggering the insufficient space message, coupled with the program apparently not being able to lower the bitrate any lower to make the file size small enough to fit on the disc....Compare, the max bitrate for that type of disc in this process is about 15.59 Mbps, and the program had to lower the bitrate from 15.59 Mbps to 6.19 Mbps to get as much as

                it can. Lower the bitrate lower the file size, but lower the quality.


                Depending on your circumstances (no other choice), you may want to explore

                1. Making a copy of your project

                2. Experiment with the copy, editing out enough content to get you from 8.03 GB Space Required to 7.95 GB with about that 6.22 Mbps bitrate.

                so that you can go ahead with the burn to AVCHD on DVD.

                3. With a bitrate that low, the quality is likely to be unacceptable. But, depending on your situation, it might be worth the investment

                of time and a disc to see for yourself how bad or not so bad it really is.


                Alternatively, have you thought about making a two disc set for this project?



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                  danielb42169003 Level 1

                  My impression is the reduction in bitrate should reduce the quality to ensure it fits on the 8.5GB DVD9 (or BD-9 if your prefer).


                  I can Burn this as a Blu-ray ISO (50 GB) at 24.00 Mbps or Blu-ray ISO (25GB) at 17.32Mbps.


                  Is there a lower limit on quality that is allowed? Everything should fit at ~ 6 Mbps

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    From what I have been reading in your thread, you seem to be leaning of the Blu-ray ISO Image to work through your burn to disc Blu-ray issues.


                    But, please read the following which may alter your thinking on that plan working with Premiere Elements 13/13.1

                    ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE 13: ISO Image File Size Issue


                    It has been observed by several that you can take your Timeline to burn to Blu-ray ISO Image.

                    But, if the iso file produced has a file size greater than about 1 GB and that Blu-ray iso file is taken to Blu-ray disc with a program

                    like ImgBurn, the Blu-ray player does not recognize the format on the disc.


                    Please give it a try on a mini trial basis to prove it for yourself.