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    How to ensure correct implementation of third-party modules

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      I am attempting to use third-party modules, namely:

      coolaj86/node-walk · GitHub


      to work in a better manner than what node.js allows. For example, the fs module works so-so, it doesn't do all the kinds of things that I want to do, and I want to extend it further. However, my issue is that frequently when I clone these modules, they simply are not recognized by Adobe whenever I relaunch(Illustrator) and they cause the extension to error out from the start.


      I've written in the following to the extension:


      walk = require('walk');


      at the top of main.js and if I comment that out, the code continues working, but if that line is in, it doesn't. However, I have gotten other modules to work that were third-party but I cannot deduce what would be the correct format that the extension is looking for in regards to setup in the node_modules folder.


      In my node_modules folder, the folder is named the same as the module (walk), and it still does not find it.

      If someone is kind enough to answer, please be elaborate, as I am not a native JS user, I'm a Python user, so I understand a good deal of what you're talking about, but there are bound to be things that are foreign to me.
      Thank you,