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    LR5 - Time lag when using sliders


      I have LR5 running on an upgraded spec iMac (late 2014)  4GHz, 32GB RAM, 5K Retina


      I believe I have optimised where I can.


      Typically, I'm working on 36MP images.


      When I'm using, say, the 'clarity' adjustment slider, the image 'blinks' briefly a little darker as soon as I click on the slider, then 'comes back' to the setting at which I pause or finally let go of the mouse button.


      In other words, moving the slider does not show real-time smooth changes. It's as if there's a noticeable time delay of about a second. This is very annoying particularly when trying to make small adjustments.


      With smaller files, the time delay is less, but even so, I would not expect anything other than absolutely smooth with such a spec as I have with this iMac. In fact, I don't recall this being an issue with my previous late 2009 standard spec iMac.


      Any any idea what is going on here?