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    Anyone know how to speed initial download with Edge Animate?

    paulrussell1 Level 1

      26 second animation, appears to be working ok, just takes forever (more than 2 minutes)  to download when visiting the site for the first time (includes audio files mp3 and ogg).


      After initial download of course returning to the page shows everything fast and zippy.


      Is this just the way it is? Shall I work on all the components to reduce file size. Total size of OAM file is 13 M. Is this an unreasonable file size? Is it something else besides file size?


      Using Windows 8.1 Edge Animate 2014.1.1 and Dreamweaver. Broadband cable internet connection.


      Can be viewed here: http://www.classictoyamusement.com


      I also posted question about no audio on IOS and Android. Audio fine on desktop browsers IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.