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    Adobe PP Newbie, old *MacPro or new *Macbook Pro

    Harrington I Filmmaker Level 1

      I’m working with limited budget and trying to figure if upgrading my ol’ *MacPro or purchasing new Laptop is best for running Adobe PP. Unfortunately I can’t afford to do both.


      I’m new to Adobe PP making the move from FCP7. Most of my work is long-form working with 100 – 150hr footage each project, 3 projects over lapping each other, editing from 3-7 cameras and 6-10 *GoPros. The footage is edited into programs for DVD, web, *YouTube and *iTunes. Delivery specs for *YouTube and *iTunes are set to high standards, 1920x1080 ProRes HQ, etc.


      As you can see by my computer specs below my ol’ *MacPro is a mid 09 model and my Laptop also lacks processor speed, USB 3, good graphics card, etc.


      I’m in the process of learning Adobe PP and have cut a few test projects from the 150-hours footage in project with a few problems with slow project open and a few crashes.


      I need to consider what upgrades I should make to *MacPro, SSD, Ram, *Navida Graphics Card or is it best to purchase new Laptop with docking station HDMI adapter for my ol’ 30” display, ESata breakout for my *GSPEEDes, etc.?


      Who else is using Adobe PP on older *MacPro and are you having any problems or recommend upgrades? Who’s using *Macbook Pro to handles long-form projects?


      Any and all suggestions or links to related info is welcomed.



      Thank you,


      *Mac Pro, Dual Quad-Core *Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz, 12 GB, *Yosemite 10.10.2, Adobe PP CC 2014, *ATI Radeon HD 4870, 30-inch *Cine Display, 4 - 1TB internal, G*Speed 6TB Raid 5, 1.25TB Esata, Numerous FW 800 external drives, *Matrox MX02Max, *FSI 17" Broadcast Monitor, Bl*ck Magic Mini Sync Generator, M*ckie 1402 & *Event 20/20 monitors.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not speaking specifically Mac, but many Premiere crashes relate to running out of disk cache space and potential CoDec issues, so you may want to look into your settings for that and make up your mind...



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            Harrington I Filmmaker Level 1

            Thank you, I'll look into Disk Cache Space. Assuming my Ol' *Mac is set up properly and running the best possible will Adobe PP handle my workload without problems, 150hr footage cut to 150min timeline?


            I recent read an editor saying "I've hit the RAM limit" with a 1hr timeline, whatever that means? The response from another editor indicated the project needed to be broken up into smaller pieces, the original editor was on an older version of Adobe PP.

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              Qengineering Level 3

              I am on a 2008 Dual Quad core, 10GB Ram with NVidia GTX 285 running PrPro CC (7.2.2) on OS 10.8.5 every day.

              I don't have projects as large as yours but just started a new one with 50+ hours of mixed footage from GoPro, C300, 5dMk3 and RED 4K.

              It struggles at times and I attribute most of that to low Ram. I recently tested OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks) with CC(2014.2) and determined that 10.8.5 is faster on my machine.

              NO way am I going to Yosemite until I absolutely have to.


              I would definitely consider replacing your ATI video card with a NVidia to take advantage of CUDA acceleration.

              The GTX 285 is inexpensive used (ebay) and it's drivers ARE still supported on Mac. Whatever NVidia card you choose, make sure it's configured for Mac to avoid headaches.


              I am currently drooling over the ASUS G751JT laptop, I'm just nervous about dropping easy compatibility with affiliated Apple post houses, and starting from scratch on most peripherals.