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    setting the text in label components

      Please help with the following very simple code. I have done everything I am supposed to do according to the in-program help, the Flash 8 Actionscript bible and every other source I can find online, yet the following code will not generate a simple label component. I've checked to insure it is not placed too far in any direction and even played around with its styles, setting the font and font color - nothing. It's been 2 hours now... I'm really starting to hate components.

      Without exaggerating, it took me roughly 4 hours to figure this out: I replaced all of the "getNextHighestDepth"s with numbers (starting the numbering at 0) and everything showed up. Turns out the label code was working, but the label was getting replaced by the next component called in the code because they were all at the same depth. I thought getNextHighestDepth() was supposed to prevent this!