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    Prefetching in Flash?

    Mr. Aztek
      I have a multi-SWF module that loads/unloads SWFs as each "chapter" progresses, either level 1 or 2, depending on the chapter (I hope the link works):


      However, my client is concerned about having to see a load screen between each one (overly concerned, IMO...tests done locally and outside of our network show load times to be five seconds or less on DSL), and wonders if there is a way to have the subesuqent chapters/SWFs are loaded as the first one plays, so that the subsequent chapters appear seamlessly.

      Is there a way to accomplish this? I'm concerned about the presentation "stuttering" while it loads the subsequent chapters. Any insight would be appreciated!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          no, loading during play shouldn't put any significant hit on system resources so you should see no stuttering.

          simply create a target movieclip, change its _alpha to zero, and load your subsequent chapters into it one after the other. start the next to load after the previous finishes loading.

          they will then be cached on the user's system and ready for near-instant load when needed.

          p.s. i see your loading text but no animation of the preload bar.