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    Speech Xtra

    Level 7
      I am using the speech xtra to read out some text that appears on screen. As
      this happens, the text is highlighted (by changing the colour). In certain
      cases, the text to be spoken does not match the displayed text exactly, so a
      seperate string is used to store the spoken text. In one case, users of the
      tool I have developed have replaced the symbol '<' with the text 'less
      than'. Unfortunatley this leads to an error in highlighting, because the
      speech xtra reports that it has spoken one more word than should be
      highlighted on screen.

      To get to the point, my question is, is there a symbol that could be used as
      a kind of non-breaking space within the string passed to the voiceSpeak
      command? For example, 'less-than'. (i've tried using the hyphen, but the
      xtra still seems to treat it as two words)

      Thanks for your help