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    Generated PDF is not fillable




      I am trying to merge (with generatePDFOutput2) a XDP and a XML to generate a dynamic PDF with fillable forms via LiveCycle Output ES3. The PDF generation works fine but in the end the generated PDF is just a normal PDF, without dynamic forms.


      All requirements for a dynamic PDF should have been met (like PDF 1.7). Also I checked all RenderOptions and could not locate the problem.


      Some more informations:


      - The XDP was created with LiveCycle Designer ES4.

      - RenderOptions

          - cacheEnabled -> false

          - acrobatVersion -> 'auto',

          - taggedPDF -> false

          - linearizedPDF -> false,

          - debugEnabled -> false,

          - renderAtClient -> 'true',

          - pDFARevisionNumber -> 'Revision_1',

          - pDFAConformance -> 'A'


      Hopefully someone can help me.