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    need Help 3D Pathfinding

      hi everyone,

      i´m a litle 3d Artist and a Newbie in Director/Lingo and needs some
      help with an script about pathfinding written by Medion/Neto.

      After Study some Threads about that Script in various forums and read
      a lot about 3d in Director i understand much from the Pathfinding
      script. But i have some problems with build a list with major
      informations, that would be needed for finding paths.

      I know that in the Script is an Parent(?)script that build this
      information of his own, but i don´t know realy in what way i have to
      use it, because u need it only one times, to get the informations. I
      experiment a little with it, start the buildmap Parent(?)script, it
      runs little bit,but at the end i have always problems with script
      errors and don´t know why.

      The Script is too long to post it here, so there is my question is
      there anyone who have experiments with that script and would help me
      in what way i could get that "buildmap" informations or is there a
      other solution?

      i don´t know where i can attach here the original file and the
      original link appear to be down, but if i found it again i show it

      have a lot of thanks


      Here is the promised Link to that Script: http://necromanthus.com/Games/ShockWave/tutorials/Pathfinding.zip

      I hope someone could help me out.....

      thanks again