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    Adobe customer care - very bad experience


      Hi Adobe,


      I've spent 1.5 hours yesterday trying to get help from 3 of your customer care representatives, and none of them could help me or even explain the reasons for the issue. They had heavy Indian accent and spoke too fast and too cumbersome. After exhaustive attempts to explain to them what I need the only thing I realized by myself is that the software itself had a glitch.


      I read some forum posts here, and I realize this is a problem for many of Adobe customers - your tech support is awful. Your representatives do not understand Adobe products, speak in broken English, and don't know about computers as well. They take alot of time to "check on it" and return with no good answers. They do not do their job. They are bad workers. They are failing you and they are driving us, the customers away.


      I urge you to take action and give us the support we need for your products. Right now it's just plain frustration.


      Thank you.