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    Cannot operate of Flash on Browser after changing its zoom ratio

    dk64628683 Level 1

      When the user operates the screen of a
      Flash application on the Internet Explorer after setting its zoom ratio to a
      value smaller than 100%, the Button object (mx.controls.Button) becomes unable
      to click.


      If the zoom ratio is changed to a
      smaller value, the clickable area of the Button decreases from the lower-right


      It seems to be possible to avoid this
      problem by setting wmode to "window", but this value needs to be
      "transparent" for other functions to work.


      Please inform us how to fix the problem without
      changing wmode.



      The conditions of the problem are as follows:

        - OS: Windows 7 Professional SP1

        - Browser: IE11

            Version: 11.0.9600.17633

            Update version: 11.0.16(KB3021952)

        - Flash Player:

        - wmode: transparent

        - Flex SDK version used to build SWF:3.2