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    Director project into Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean

      I have a director project which now the client wants to have a Vietnamese, a Chinese and a Korean version.
      Obviously the text will have to be translated but what is the best way to do something like this?

      I thought of giving the translator screen shots so that we knew which text went where. Can I copy and paste this into director if I have the correct fonts. Is it best to get a text document from them (eg Word)

      For example, in one section in the director project the user drags various items of clothing onto a fisherman and on the screen text appears explaining why this clothing is good or is not good. The text need to fit into a particular area of the screen.

      I am using Mac OSX and I believe that I have the fonts as part of the system.

      The project is crossplatform, so should I render the fonts.

      Any one done this kind of thing and any suggestions on how to best porceed.

      Thank you
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          I am in the process of having my project translated into Chinese. I capture the screens and put them into a powerpoint file. The translator puts the translated text on top of the English text. I can then cut and paste the text into Director, but I have my English Windows machine set to the chinese language.

          The only problem I've run into is that I also have extended ascii characters -- like the degree symbol (°) or the letter ö, which does not appear correctly. I don't know how to input these except as bitmaps.

          If anyone knows how to input extended ascii while running a Chinese UI, I could really use the help.

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            khomel Level 1
            I have a project which needs to be in simplified chinese. I have the translated text which appears correctly in wordpad, notepad, and word. In director, however, it does not work after cutting and pasting. Any idea how I can get those characters to display correctly?
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              The current version of Director (MX 2004) does not have the capability
              of handling Unicode text, so you would need to bring the text in as
              bitmapped graphics, or you can put it into a Flash swf member and use it
              in Director. But there is no way to use native text capabilities in
              Director to display those languages.

              Adobe has stated that the next version of Director, which is supposed to
              be coming out in the next few months, will support Unicode text, so you
              should be able to do what you want without silly hacks once it is released.