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    Image Loader and Frame Control


      So, I have a site www.TableTalkComics.com where I am using the loader component to bring in external files for my comic. Here's where my problem is. Currently all of the episodes are loading once the site is opened. What I want to do is make it is so each episode has a preloader, and that the episode won't load until the appropriate frame has been active for 1.5 seconds.
      For example if I have a comic in frame 9, another in frame 10 and a third in frame 11. My current AS sends you immediately to frame 11 (ie current episode). So, after 1 - 1.5 seconds a preloader pops up (when needed -- slower connections) then the comic appears when fully loaded. At the same time frames 9 and 10 haven't loaded yet because they haven't been active/open/viewed yet. So, when someone hits the previous button once, a second later the comic begins to load.

      So, if the above is making sense -- here's my question. How do I do this. I have read some of the tutorials on preloaders and telling the loader component when to load, but it's all Japanese to me (no offense to anyone). So, with some examples, how would I go about this? Thanks for your help!