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    Index items for Help topics

    Lonno7 Level 1
      Hi, All!

      This may seem trivial, but since my supervisor specifically asked for CAPITALIZED acronyms ...

      When I try to add an acronym as an index item, when I click the "Add" button, the acronyms gets changed to lower case. Why? It hasn't always done this, because I've found some acronyms that were added as upper case. Was gibt?

      vielen danke,
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          CraigCC Level 2
          Hi Lon,

          How exactly are you adding the terms. I've tried adding capitalised terms via the project Index tab on the left and via topic properties index tab. Both allow capitalised entries.

          Are you unable to add ANY capitilised index entries?
          What version are you using - works OK for me in X5 and Robohelp 6.

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            Lonno7 Level 1
            Hi, CraigCC!

            Adding terms the same way I usually do: right click on the topic page, select "Topic Properties," then the "Index" tab; type in my entry, click "Add."

            I can enter "DTS Packages" successfully, but "DTS" gets changed to "dts."

            I'm using version X4.1 ...

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              Lonno7 Level 1
              Okay, everyone...

              CraigCC's mention of "Project index tab" sent me in the right direction; I even went to the reference book I have, and sure enough...

              Another case of forgetting the time-honored concept of "RTFM." Oh, well...

              Thanks again, CraigCC!