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    Synchronizing two videos

      Our current project needs to simultaneously present two videos and keep them synchronized. We are using ActionScript 3 and we use one controller (play, pause, stop, hSlider). Our controller is able to start, pause and stop the two videos just fine. They start simultaneously, but as they are playing, the two videos fall out of sync.

      There does not seem to be anything systematic about the loss of sync. That is, sometimes video 1 gets ahead, other times video 2 gets ahead. This loss of sync can be anywhere from 1 frame of video up to more than a full second of video.

      Both videos are running at 15 FPS and have the same key frames. (In fact, the loss of sync occurs even when we are running the identical video in the two VideoDisplays.)

      We will appreciate any suggestions about keeping these two videos synchronized while playing.