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    HSlider labels won't update

      I want to change the labels of an HSlider but can't get them to update. I've bound the labels to an Array and it initially loads without a problem, but it won't update when the values of the Array change. I've done the same with the maximum attribute and it updates fine. Does anyone have any suggestions? Here is a bit of my code:

      private var maxTemplates:uint = 100;
      private var hSliderArray:Array = new Array();

      private function setHSliderArray():void{
      hSliderArray[0] = "1";
      hSliderArray[1] = String(maxTemplates);
      }//end setHSliderArray function

      <mx:HSlider id="numResults" minimum="1" maximum="{maxTemplates}" labels="{hSliderArray}" />

      Thanks in advance, K. Gibbons