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    Issues when exporting master pages to new projects!


      Good morning.


      I am using RoboHelp 9 and I have been facing problems when I try to copy master pages to new blank projects.


      Here's the thing: I have already created master pages including everything I consider as standard in my projects (that means, font style, font size, remarks and so on).

      The only way I've got to apply those master pages was importing them from an existing Project.


      However, when I copy those master page files in separate (.css and .htt) I am not able anymore to apply those styles in a new Project.


      I would like to ask your help, because I do not want to have to open an existing file every time I need to copy and apply master pages.

      Instead of it, I would like to save my standard master pages in a diferente folder, so that I could use them in any Project I want to.


      I will be looking forward your reply.


      Thanks in advance!


      Camila Silva