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    Exchanging Windows License for OS-X

      If you read the Adobe Flex Upgrade FAQ you'll find a section that seems to infer how easy it is to exchange your Windows License for a OSX license. "Just call customer service to arrange for a new download and serial number" is the message.


      Below is my response to a Customer Service Representative after spending over 2 hours trying to exchange my license. Now they won't process my request because my current Signature on File isn't legally binding for the Letter of Destruction I had to fill out and send in. Good Luck for everyone else. Hopefully your experience goes better than mine

      Hi Kendall,

      I'll happily do that, but the line about not being
      able to help me because you lack my signature for
      legal purposes is kind of stale. Our courts ruled that
      a person electronic intent can suffice as long as it
      can be proven to be willfully given.

      Additionally, The Flex team really needs to update the
      FAQ about contacting customer service and arranging
      for a download to exchange your Windows license for a
      OSX license. They make it sound so simple.

      My experience so far has been anything but.

      The first person in customer service didn't know how
      to help me do this so they transferred me to sales to
      see if they could help. They couldn't either so they
      sent me back to customer service

      The next person couldn't help either so they
      transferred me to group/corporate licensing to inquire
      about switching. They couldn't help me directly but
      told me to recontact customer service and tell them I
      wanted to return/destroy my current copy of flex which
      should trigger their call center script to inquire if
      I wanted to to transfer or reassign my license.

      Finally located someone who could help me, they gave
      me a case number and told me to search the Adobe
      website for Letter of Discontinuation and to fill it
      out and email it back in. "Be sure to include your
      case number so they know we've authorized you to do
      this" was the warning.

      Couldn't find the letter anywhere on the website so I
      had to call back and get a representative who told me
      to search for Letter of Destruction but to use "LOD"
      since the former didn't seem to work. Once I did that
      he told me to choose the 4th item display on your
      search results because the search result title was
      labled "Customer Service" which didn't really do a
      good job of communicating "This is the Letter of
      Destruction you are looking for."

      By the way he warned, it would likely take 2 weeks to
      process the request so don't expect to be installing
      Flex Builder 2 tomorrow. Instead plan on installing
      the 30 day demo of Flex Builder and hopefully we can
      get you a replacement serial number by then. No word
      as to what happens if you don't and my development
      comes to a grinding halt.

      None of this has been easy, nor convienent, and I've
      got almost 2 hours of hold time just to get this far
      only to be told I have to go find a fax machine and
      send this in because my legal intent isn't clear to
      the fine folks at Adobe.

      I left as a long time Microsoft developer to come to
      Adobe Products because the bueacracy and indifference
      of Microsoft became unbearable. (The first 15 years
      wasn't so bad but the last 2 have been miserable.)

      I'm really disappointed that something as seemingly
      simple as arranging to get me a new serial number so I
      can move to OSX from Windows has turned into such a
      time waster for me.

      So I'll happily comply with your request, after all
      you are calling the shots. Perhap you could consider
      showing this email to your management team and ask
      them to think if there might be a better way to get
      this done?

      Something that closer matches what the FAQ pomises
      would be nice because your ex-microsoft-new adobe
      customer is really frustrated.