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    How do I change the text color of footers on select pages? (InDesign CS6)


      Good afternoon,


      Months ago, I worked with a graphic designer to put together a 100-page workbook for my training company. He turned all of the files over to me and I'd like to make a small change before we print another run for a new client. Specifically, I'm having trouble changing the text color on select pages. Since a picture says 1,000 words, let me give you an example:


      ReferralPro Footer Text.PNG


      As you can see, the copyright information on the right side of the page is difficult to read here when placed over the photo (you may have to look closely, but it's along the guy's sleeve). What I'd love to do is change that part of the footer (not the left, page number side) to white text. This would make it quite a bit easier to read. There's a number of other pages in the book that I want to make this change to. I'm not sure why I never noticed it or mentioned it to the designer. I suppose I've become more discerning since then.


      Let me tell you what I've tried to do:


      I learned how to override master pages by CTRL+SHIFT clicking on the footer. However, this has not worked for me. It allows me to change the page number part, but not the copyright side. Additionally, sometimes when I override the master the formatting of the footer goes goofy. For instance, the left side and right side come together and end up in the middle of the page I'm working on.


      I'm looking for a quick way to go through and make the footers easier to read on pages where they are backed by a photo. Hoping you can help me. Please let me know if you need any other information.