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    Running RoboHelp HTML X5 in Vista

      I recently purchased Windows Vista Ultimate and performed a clean install on my system. The account I'm using in Vista is an administrator account, and I have turned off User Account Control.

      I installed and activated RoboHelp Office X5 on my system, and everything seemed to go smoothly. When I open a project or start a new project in RoboHelp HTML, however, I receive the following error message: Unable to load component 4. After closing the error message, I notice the WYSIWYG editor is missing, and topics open in Internet Explorer instead of RoboHelp HTML. As far as I can tell, RoboHelp HTML can still create topics, generate projects, and so forth, just not edit topics.

      I've tried setting the RoboHTML executable to operate in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode, which made no difference. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling, which also didn't help.

      Does anyone have any ideas about how I can get the WYSIWYG editor back?

      Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          First RH X5 and indeed RH6 are not supported under Vista. There was a post about running RH under Vista on the forums earlier this week. Look in Snippets on my site and you will find a link to it.

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            BR2007 Level 1
            Thanks for your speedy reply, Peter. I appreciate your assistance.

            Before I sent an e-mail to the forum, I did browse through the topics to which your Snippets section points. For version 6, one TechNote recommends registering various DLLs and OCXs. Even though I'm using version X5, I tried this recommendation anyway but to no avail. Another post mentioned that someone got X5 working under Vista with only a single error message. I wonder if it's the same one I received? Nevertheless, it's odd that everything functions fine except that the WYSIWYG view fails to appear.

            I do realize I'm trying to work with a program in an operating system for which it isn't designed, but since Adobe's Web site mentioned that reporting errors even in unsupported operating systems might be helpful, I thought I'd at least report my findings and take a shot at seeing if someone has figured out a possible solution, if one exists.

            Again, thanks for your help.
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              MergeThis Level 4
              "reporting errors" here in these forums doesn't get the ear of Adobe developers; we're just your average, non-Adobe RoboHelp users. See the "Important Note" paragraph at the bottom of this panel.

              Good luck,
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                HKabaker Level 2
                Is RH your default editor for html files?

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                  BR2007 Level 1
                  I didn't have RoboHelp HTML set as my default HTML editor. After reading your post, however, I made it the default editor. Unfortunately, the problem still occurs whether it's the default editor or not.

                  Thanks for the idea, though. I do appreciate the suggestion.