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    Why wont 720x1280 (portrait) h264 play on android smartphone?

    Matt Paintin

      I am creating some animation which I need to playback in 'portrait' only on a smartphone. I have made my comp 720x1280 and export an h264/mp4.

      However the footage will not play back on a smartphone (only tested on android at the moment).


      If I shoot in portrait on the phone, the footage will of course play back in portrait as one would expect, but I notice that its spec is 1280x720 mp4. (essentially a landscape format, so how does it know that it was shot portrait?)

      I have rotated my AFX comp 90 degrees and exported it at 1280x720 and it plays back perfectly on the phone.....except I can only watch it sideways!


      I'm guessing that the phone does not like the portrait nature of a 720x1280 format for some reason, so how do I create a 'portrait' mp4 and get in to play back on the phone?

      Is this a more involved coding/developer/player issue within the phone?