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    merged project problems

      I'm running RoboHelp HTML X5.0.2 Build 801, and I'm using HTML Help as my primary layout.
      The software that I'm designing online help for runs two separate applications. I initially created one large RoboHelp project, but then realized that in order to implement context sensitive help, I need to create two separate projects and merge them together.
      I now have two RoboHelp projects. The larger project (called TopView.chm) has a link in the TOC to the smaller project (called MADE.chm). As long as I access the online help through the TopView.chm project, everything works fine. But when I open up the MADE.chm project on its own, it doesn't recognize TopView.chm's TOC and it doesn't even contain a TOC tab.
      In the MADE.hhp file, I have the following lines.

      $global_TopViewWindow="Top View 10","TopView.chm::\TopView.hhc","MADE.hhk" ...

      This is the same window name that I used in the TopView.chm file. I've also included a [MERGE FILES] section in the MADE.hhp file (which wasn't created automatically).
      I've searched throughout these forums and have read a number of other articles, including articles on the helpware.net website, but I haven't been able to get this running properly. Is there something that I'm missing?
      Thanks for any help.
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          ---Dirk_Bock Level 1
          Your [WINDOWS]-definition looks good, and the description of your problem sounds awfully similar to what I'm experiencing.

          You might try to compile the hhp of your MADE-project with the MS HTML Help Workshop or FAR; I assume your TOC tab will be magiacally there. If that's the case, try copying the hhp RoboHelp uses for it's actual compilation. It is written to a temporary folder while RoboHelp prepares the project. If you manage to catch this hhp, you will probably see that it looks remarkably different from the one you have in the project's root folder.

          Just what is causing this strange behaviour, I don't know. :-(


          ---Dirk Bock
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Am I not understanding something here? TopVIew is the parent and Made is the child so why when you open Made on its own should it recognise the TOC from TopView? Surely you should only expect Made to show its own TOC when it is opened other than through the merge? It should show a tab for its own TOC though, assuming it has its own TOC?

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              Karen Graf
              Hi Maura,

              Just a short thought...........have you added the TopView.hhc as a baggage file in your MADE project?

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                Pete Lees Level 2

                Odd that there isn't even a TOC tab. Are you sure that $global_TopViewWindow is the default window for MADE.chm?

                By way of a comparison, here are the complete project files for two test files that I've just set up. The .chm files merge seamlessly, whichever of the two files I open.

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                  mgud Level 1
                  Thanks for the tip Dirk. I was able to retrieve the MADE.hhp file from the temporary folder. And you're right, the window definitions have changed. There wasn't a hhc file listed in the window definition. I'm currently working in FAR to see if I can get this to work properly.

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                    mgud Level 1
                    Thanks again Dirk.

                    Everything works fine when I compile in HTML Help Workshop. I like using their HHP editor as well, rather than doing everything in Notepad.

                    It's too bad RoboHelp doesn't let users edit all the source files used to compile projects. I really like RoboHelp. When I started using the program, I knew nothing about HTML. And I didn't need to. It's pretty easy to use for beginners. But I also don't always like programs assuming that I'm dumb. If I'm going to edit a source file, I don't want the program changing it back for me. I'll just have to live with the consequences if I make a mistake.

                    Sorry about the rant. I do like the program most of the time.

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                      ---Dirk_Bock Level 1

                      think about opening a topic from the slave via a context-sensitive help call. I want the user to see the whole shebang, not only the topics in this slave. Otherwise the merging qwouldn't make sense.

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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                        Thanks Dirk. That was the bit I was not picking up on. In the original post it said "As long as I access the online help through the TopView.chm project, everything works fine. But when I open up the MADE.chm project on its own..." so I wasn't thinking about CSH.