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    How to change Default document size for CC Library Graphics (InDesign)

    sjmteles Level 1

      Good morning --


      I have just discovered the amazing uses of the CC Library setup in InDesign and would love to be able to use it as a tool to collaborate template galleries amongst coworkers.


      I work in an industry that offers many different templates for our Marketing pieces available to the sales team. What we have in place right now is about 50+ different templates in their own packaged files. Now, this isn't all that difficult to maneuver around, but the CC Library has made it so I can "drag and drop" templates into place. This drag & drop feature is easy enough for me to grasp, and with the proper training it should be with the rest of the team (should being the keyword). However, in some cases if you double-click on Library graphic it opens the file in it's own editable file with a custom document size of 8.5x11 Portrait (which I imagine to be the internal InDesign preset).


      My questions therefore are when I double click on the library "Graphics" can the document size be anything other than 8.5x11? Can each Graphic have it's own document preset?


      - If I open a file that is set for landscape, all of the "Graphic" falls off of the spread.

      - Some "eblasts" are much longer than 8.5x11 (sometimes as much as 8.5x20), thus knocking some of the "Graphics" into that weird space area.


      Please let me know if I am not being a clear enough.


      Thank you!


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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Steve – you are totally clear what you are doing and what you like to do.

          But I fear an automatic setting that is creating the page size according to an asset's size does not exist right now.


          I can change the size of a new document beforehand, if no document is open and create a new size in the document's properties dialog with the keyboard shortcut alt + cmd + p (in my German InDesign on Mac OSX 10.7.5). But you have to know in advance what size that should be.


          Example: If I chose A3 instead of A4 (my default) when no document is open and double click an asset in a CC Library the asset will be placed in a one page document sized A3.


          1. Changing the size (no document is open) in my German UI of InDesign CC-2014.2:




          2. Double click and the result is according to the settings I made:





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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            @Steve – what is your exact OS version you and your colleagues are working with?
            Is it a mix of Windows and Mac OS versions? A mix of different OS versions even if on the same platform?


            I'm asking, because I see the possibility to script what you want by ExtendScript. If it will entirely fit your workflow is a different point.

            Also important: Is your workgroup on one CC Group license?


            That proposed ExtendScript would work on two assumptions:


            1. The active document is saved to a name without the suffix *.indd

            2. The active document is saved to a temp directory/folder with the name: "TemporaryItems"


            And: It would run as a startup script, that would exploit the AFTER_SAVE event of a document that the app can listen to.


            If working with a CC Group license, I'm absolutely not sure where all the temp documents will go. Maybe they are stored somewhere on s server.

            Also: I think, the current incarnation of CC Libraries is not optimized for workgroups on mixed OS environments. Especially if you are working with placed images as assets in CC Libraries. But I could be wrong, of course. I do not own a group license…



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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              After going more into detail with my scripting idea, I had to realize, that:


              1. AFTER_SAVE event will not work for some reasons

              2. The menu item Save As is grayed out, if you double-click on an asset and want to save the temp document with a different name.


              Why is it grayed out?


              A bug?

              A feature?

              And if it is a feature, why is it a feature?

              Save As Copy is available.


              @Steve – can you see this on your system as well?