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    reverse search massive, unorganized database for visually similar .ai, .psd, and .pdf files?




      I'm currently needing to organize 10 years of projects, folders, and all associated images for company that has had no filing or naming conventions. Total chaos. First order of business is to get all their image files organized, starting with print-ready .ai, .psd, .pdf and .tiff files. Probably some jpgs in there as well.


      What I'd like to do is grab the low res photos from their website, and run them through reverse image search software so I can see/locate all visual instances of that photo living inside clusterf..., er database, including all the relevant file formats, not just .jpgs. Has anyone been successful doing this in Bridge? Or is there an easier way? Any advice would be deeply appreciated...looking at a month of brain-numbing busy-work, otherwise.