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    How to add actions only when the stage playhead passes a label/certain time?

    rfikes4 Level 1

      I have an animation that is 2 seconds long. On the 1 sec mark there is sym.stop(); and a label called 'in'. At the 2 sec mark there is another sym.stop();


      So what I want to happen is for the animation to play up until 'in', then on mouseenter for the stage have sym.play();, and on mouseleave sym.playReverse();. This will make it so that only the second half of the animation will get played on mouseenter/leave.


      My problem is that the mouseenter/leave also gets applied to the first half of the animation, not allowing the second half to animate if the user mouses over during the first half. I know this requires an if statement but I don't know how to write it. So it would be something like this: if the playhead reaches 'in', apply mouseenter/leave actions.