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    Seeing "File has been changed outside of RoboHelp... discard changes?"


      I'm using: RoboHelp HTML, Version


      I'm seeing the following message when I make changes within the RoboHelp project and then choose to close my project without saving the changes. It's not consistent behavior - it happens for some help files in the project but not all help files. If I save changes then it doesn't appear.




      My steps:

      1 - Open RoboHelp (I'm using RoboHelp 10) and make a simple text change to a help topic.

      2 - Choose File > Close Project.

      3 - Click No when the "Save changes to the following files?" confirmation appears.


      This is when I see the message above. The message is confusing for several reasons: 1) I didn't edit the file outside the project, 2) I'm not sure what changes are being discarded if I click Yes, and 3) what's being loaded when I am closing the project.


      Full disclosure - The only file I ever edit outside the project is the CSS and I am guilty of editing the CSS with the project open (to instantly see the results of my changes). Could this be the cause even though I haven't touched the CSS in well over a year? Is there old crud stuck in memory for certain help topics? I've never seen this message before and I've worked on this help project for many years.


      Further testing - This message is popping up for a help topic added recently so I can't think it's related to any CSS changes made before the file was added. No other files have been edited outside the project that I can think of.


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