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    Odd LDAP Error when testing config

      I'm stuck and hoping someone might have an idea what's going on.
      I deployed the CPS as a WAR onto our Oracle Application Server, since that's what we use.
      It seems to work (it comes up and I can log in), but I can't seem to get the LDAP part of it to function.
      I put in what our admin says is our LDAP configuration, but regardless of what settings I put in I get this error on the TEST tab:

      "Config. No property for user_directory/plugin_name"

      Also, when I try the file-based authentication, I get this error:

      "The user directory file could not be found. Path C:\Documents and Settings\sarsingh\Desktop\111War\data base/user_directory.xml"

      My only guess at this point is maybe something to do with the default WAR file that comes with the download. I'm hoping someone can point me at what to fix, at least for the LDAP part.
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          Dower Level 1
          I just realized I posted in the wrong forum :(
          But just an update, I think i figured out the file based part, since I didn't go to the tab for setting up the location for the file, but of course it doesn't create a new file if it doesn't exist... But obviously, LDAP is preferred, so any insight from anyone would be great.