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    Muse won't install any Add-ons


      The Adobe add-on site is all fun until you try to install something to muse.


      Adobe Exchange puts a good show "installing" the add-on but they never actually appear on Muse.


      WHen possible and available,  I try to get the  .mulib files directly from the developer as Adobe's .zxp files are useless.


      I have paid for several of this widgets and add-ons yet they never appear on Muse. I feel cheated.


      Is there a something I should check on or enable for Muse so see this widgets?

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          K.Woods Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Muse widgets work slightly differently from other Adobe Application add-ons in that they do not automatically install into Muse directly. They install into your computer's Downloads folder. You should always read the Where to Find it information for each Add-on which explains this fully.