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      I've had LR5 for approximately 1 1/2 yrs. and have had no problems.   Just very recently, my Spot Removal Tool is not working.  It doesn't give me an option of a better place on the image to choose to replace the, as an example, a mole on a face. What would cause a tool to stop working?  Thanks so much for any help that can be offered.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What computer and operating system are you using?


          Are you using clone or heal?


          Try switching to see if that makes a difference.

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            gbet63 Level 1

            I'm using Heal to get rid of zips and things on a face.  I have Win7.

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              gbet63 Level 1

              I'm sorry, I meant zits. not zips. 

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                Bob Somrak Level 6

                Hit the H key to turn the circles back on.


                Set opacity to 100

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                  gbet63 Level 1

                  I believe that I have failed to correctly describe what is not happening with the Spot Removal Tool. 

                  Normally, when you are using it with HEAL choses, a circle will appear at some other location of the image that LR thinks is the best substitute.  As we all know,

                  LR doesn't always make the right decision and we move the spot to a better location. 

                  What I'm attempting to describe is when I put my circle over, as an example, an imperfection on a model's face, NO OTHER OPTION APPEARS anywhere on the image.  Therefore, I cannot even attempt to locate a better location by moving the circle around a face;  or, if I'm trying to get rid of a phone pole on a potential

                  landscape image,  there is no way to do it.  I mark over the existing pole but no other option appears as it always has.  

                  I appreciate those of you who have tried to help.  I would like to somehow contact Adobe but am failing to find a way to either talk or to write them to get help. 

                  There has to be some way to make this work like it did at one time.  The program, LR5, is useless to me now unless I can get instructions on exactly how to

                  correct this matter. 


                  Again, thanks for your time.

                  gbet  (Gordon)

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                    Bob Somrak Level 6

                    What is your setting for tool overlay

                    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.40.00 AM.png

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                      gbet63 Level 1

                      First of all,  thanks for replying, Bob. 

                      I don't have a overlay selected.  I normally only use that if I'm cropping, not skin smoothing.




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                        elie-d Level 4

                        The circles or brushed in Heal/Clone shapes are OVERLAYS, meaning they are not parts of the image display but temporarily superimposed on it to indicate the source and destination.

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                          Bob Somrak Level 6

                          Did you try hitting the H key?

                          Do you have NEVER checked in the Tool Overlay?   If so check one of the other settings.

                          You need to try some of the things suggested.


                          If this doesn't work than deleting the Preferences file and letting Lightroom recreate it might be your next option.  I am amazed at what a bad preferences file can mess up.