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    Help troubleshooting AE CC2014/CineWare/R16 Studio on a "new" Mac Pro?

    EchoOut Level 1

      I'm struggling pretty badly to get any response from Adobe or Maxon and thought I would see if anyone has this configuration running in a way that is at all usable.


      In brief, I have a college lab with 13 2013 6-core/32GB RAM/1xD500 Mac Pros running OS X 10.9.5, the latest CC 2014 AE and the latest Cinema 4D R16. Firewall is turned off, ports are open.


      I have tinkered with TCP port settings, CineWare options, OpenGL settings, AE memory prefs, you name it. If a .c4d file is even loaded into AE's Project Panel, the whole project is sluggish with recurring beachballs. Drop it into the timeline and AE becomes unusable. I ran terminal from the AE Package Contents launcher and it's just a mess of errors. However, I opened it on my other functioning computers and it's also a mess of errors. So....?


      I can't get this setup to run badly on other computers. I'm stumped.


      First and foremost, does anyone else have this configuration running reasonably?


      Thanks, I have two advanced classes hobbled by this issue. We're using the exchange plugins for now, which is okay, but sure would be cool to show them this functionality as it works on my personal computers.