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    Deleting Comments & Stranded Annotations for 508 Compliance


      We create PDFs and send them to different departments through Adobe's shared review system so that our editors and subject matter experts can make revision comments.  The Graphic Artists then make revisions and send the PDFs back through for more rounds of review. Each round of review may incur a multitude of comments and there is usually multiple rounds of review. In the end those files need to be 508 Compliant to deliver to our customers so prior to delivery we (GAs) must delete the comments. When we do that Acrobat leaves a stranded Popup and Text Annotation for each comment that was previously in the file. These annotations are not associated to any content in the file nor are they tagged in any way which causes the file to fail the 508 Accessibility Check. To remedy that we (the GAs) have to go in and delete each of those stranded annotations one at a time using the Select Object tool. Since we have so many rounds of review, and therefore many many comments, and therefore a lot of those stranded annotations that need to be deleted manually this takes a LONG time.

      Using the PDF optimizer or the preflight cleanup tool DOES get rid of all the comments and those stranded annotations but it strips out ALL the annotations in the file which means ALL the interactivity is gone. We lose all our hyperlinks and buttons which is obviously not going to work either.

      So, my question is this: is there a way to remove ALL the comments from a PDF including their accompanying annotations WITHOUT removing all the interactive elements from a file?

      BTW: I’m cross-posting this in the Accessibility AND the Commenting forums here on Adobe.com


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          olafdruemmer Level 3

          If you have Acrobat Pro XI, please check out the "Preflight" tool (Edit -> Preflight; or simply use the Cmd-Shift-X shortcut):

          • in Acrobat Preflight you have profiles, checks and fixups
          • in the fixups part search for "Remove all annotations", and duplicate this fixup (using the "Options" menu in the upper right of the Preflight window)
          • edit the duplicated fixup, and change the option for "Type" from "All" to "All commenting annotations", also make sure to adjust the name of the fixup accordingly
          • once done, run the fixup on one of your files

          Please make sure to also execute the following two steps:

          • double check whether all those stray anotations are actually gone
          • double check that those annotations you want to keep are still there

          Should any of these two not turn out to be exactly what you need, you may have to finetune the fixup setup (and possibly use several fixups to address annotation types in a more specific manner; should you end up with more than one fixup, you could combine them into a profile). If you have several fiels to clean up, you could also use a batch sequence, e.g. applying the fixup to all files in a given folder. Or you could create a droplet, put it on your desktop, and then drag'n drop your PDFs onto it to do the clean up.






          PS: Here is a screenshot that might make it more clear what I am talking about:

          Preflight->Remove all commenting annotations.png

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            Eric.White_StrategicHS Level 1

            Thank you so much for your reply!


            So I set this all up and tested it out on one of our files...but it didn't delete all the comments nor all the annotations. I think I'm missing something.






            Notice before I ran that action there were 11 comment threads and after its down to 10. Those comments remaining look like they were all comments that were imported from one round of review to the next. Maybe that's the problem?


            PS: thanks again for taking time to answer my question.

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              olafdruemmer Level 3

              As annotations of type Text and of type Popup seem to be left behind - could you adjust the fixup to remove specifically these annotations, one fixup deleting those of type "Text", and another fixup those of type "pop up"? After executing each - do they go away, or are they still there?