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    How do I get rid of yellow shadows/casts on old negatives?

    paul w

      I have a couple of hundred negatives from a 1985 trip that I've scanned at 2000dpi in TIF format with a Nikon Coolscan 8000. Despite trying various settings during the scanning process &/or with Lightroom 5.7 afterwards, I cannot seem to eliminate the yellow shadowing that appears on many of the photos (reduced resolution sample below). If you look at the top of the hotel or to the left of the trees, you can see a yellow shadow that follows the outline of the objects.


      I assume that the film was either stored incorrectly (likely) or was faulty at the time of purchase (less likely), as I have numerous other exposed rolls of film taken around the same time that don't have the same issues.


      Hopefully, someone has suggestions for fixing this annoying problem!