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    Has anyone experienced 'Parent' & 'Child' TOC (bookmark version) issues, when using an InDesign Book to create a fixed format ePub3?




      I'm using the latest versions of AdobeCC and Indesign on the mac to generate fixed format ePub3 files.


      I have an Indesign Book which is comprised of 9 documents (chapters). When I create a bookmark based Table Of Contents, I'm finding that I'm having trouble getting the 'parent' and 'child' hierarchy perfect. This is because some 'child' bookmarks need to be under the 'parent' of one document within my book, and yet I need to add the bookmark from a different document (or chapter).


      In essence, I'm asking is there a way of having a 'child' bookmark in one document, nestled under a 'parent' on a different document within my InDesign book? All I seem to get are repeats of the 'parent' rather than it looking at all of the documents and synching them.


      In the screenshot below (the larger circle), I have added sharks as a parent folder in one 'document/chapter', and then later on in the book (in a different document/chapter, another shark needs to be added to the list under the sharks parent, and yet it doesn't give me the option to add it as a Child to sharks. I created another sharks parent in this later document thinking I might be able to synch across all documents, but all it seems to do is create a duplicate.


      Any help appreciated!


      Thanks, Joe