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    Masters, bleeds and non facing pages

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      I am working on a professional journal. I thought I was being clever by creating L/R master pages for each 10-15 pg article with the proper headers and footers of author and title.  It worked beautifully during layout, saving time and reducing errors.  Also meant no worries when adding pages, etc.


      Now I'm attempting to export to pdf for the printer and have encountered a HUGE problem.  I also have ads interspersed with bleeds.  So, with facing pages checked, these pages bleed onto the next page.  When I uncheck facing pages, it solves the bleed problem but now all of my pages are left hand pages.


      One solution (I think) could be to create two masters for each article without facing pages for each article and then change the master association for all of the right pages but that seems so daunting at this point.


      Thoughts on how I can resolve this quickly and while retaining my sanity?


      Thank you!

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          tman69 Level 3

          If you are sending this to a print house/print shop--then you will want the items that bleed to actually bleed--in your PDF-- it appears that they bleed onto the next page--but--a quality print house will use imposition software to setup and 'impose' the pages--the extra image you see on the page edges will not be there when the pages are properly imposed--so--you were fine the way you originally had the file setup.

          IF you don't want images to bleed then drag the edge away from the page edge--but if they are 'supposed' to bleed--make sure that the actually do bleed--or your printer will be contacting you for a new file with bleed.

          a lot depends on how the book will be bound--check with your printer to see how they would like the PDF setup--not all print providers are the same.