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    Specific Excel graph question for Indesign



      I have a question about how to use an image generated on Excel for mac for Adobe Indesign CC. I have browsed the forums here and googled but I'm not finding solutions for my specific question (so please bear with me, thanks). I have a report for work that requires a lot of bar graphs. The graphs are all done on Excel for mac 2011. I have tried two different ways of importing it into InDesign (also for mac) - 1) saving the graph as a PDF and then placing into InDesign, and 2) copying and pasting the Excel graph into Illustrator and then saving it as an ai file. In both cases, the ai file looks a bit better but the fonts seem a bit jarbled/compacted once I place it into InDesign. The font I use is Times New Roman. Also, since my report is laid out in a 2-column format, I need a chart to fit a space that is approximately 3 inches by 3.5 inches. Whenever I import the image, it’s significantly larger so I place it to fit the 3x3.5 inch space proportionally. When that happens, the fonts don't look quite right on the screen. I need to ensure that the chart looks sufficient once it’s printed on paper. I only recently began learning InDesign (self-taught) so your advise is appreciated.