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    Problems with Tween and loadClip

      Hi Guys please help,

      I have a question can you unload a loadClip at the middle of the progress?

      Also I have this code (downBelow)
      The twFade.yoyo() it sometimes worked and sometimes not, is it my code or is the flash has some bug, Thanks
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          akapivo Level 1
          If you try to unload a clip during the progress, on onloadError is broadcasted.
          So you should define "MovieClipLoader.onLoadError " actions to take care of this situation.

          There's definitely an error in your code: the autoSize property should be true or false (not right?).

          It's difficult to say if there's a problem with twFade.yoyo() if you don't include that function in your code. Put a trace action in your onRollOut function and you'll see if the function is called properly.