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    Playing two FLV's at the same time

      OK, this seems like it would be simple, but I cannot get it to work. I have 2 flv's that have to play at the same time - one is a prof. in front of a electronic microscope and the other is the actual feed from the microscope - so I need them to be able to be controlled by one set of components. So, I have tried everything in my ability. Currently, the setup is as follows:
      I have 4 layers
      Actions - where this script resides
      Player - play/pause, seek, and volume bar reside
      Scope - FLV of microscope
      TH - FLV of talking head

      Both my Flv's have an instance name of "myVideo" and when I test the swf, only the last layer plays and is controlled (if the Talking Head is in the last layer that will play and vice versa).

      I cannot figure out, nor find anything, anywhere on how to control both these FLVs with only one comonent.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks much

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          MotionMaker Level 1
          Playing more than one FLV will result in more than one NetStream object. Each NetStream object plays independently. Add to that each progressively downloads separately so one may begin playing before the other. Attempts to seek a point in the videos will also be unpredictable unless cue points where added during encoding. But then playing from the cue point is unpredictable.

          The best plan for video like this might be shorter lengths or combining into one.

          You can combine the raw video files in Premier or Windows MovieMaker and then publish and then encode one FLV.

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            jasonslipp Level 1
            Thanks much for the quick reply. This is one of the work arounds we thought of, but wanted to try to see if there was anything else out there I didn't think of. THanks again...