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    Thumbnail Buttons in Transition Effect Ga;;ery

      I have used the attached code to apply transition effects to a JPEG This code works great but when I try to install thumbnail buttons using loadclip or loadmovie the JPEG loads with out the effect or doesn't load at all. What can I do to get my thumbnails to load JPEG's with transitions when clicked?

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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          its probably that your image isn't displaying fully loaded when you call the function. I know you script appears to have that solved, but try this...

          ad trace("HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA")
          to your onLoadInit function.
          ad trace("BOOOO YOU SUCK")
          to your onLoadComplete function.

          Just mess around with those and see if that might be your problem. I'm actually unsure, I'm not on my main machine with my code snippets. Good Luck!