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    Can't import audio file


      I am having a lot of trouble importing an audio file it is over 1 hour in length would that be a problem?

      The file seems to be there, but when I try and preview it nothing happens! If I scroll through to the end the time amount is there, but nothing no audio nothing it does not even attempt to play  it is like there is a ghost or something.

      A bit of info the audio was originally captured on a Tascam onto an SD Card then onto PC from there I try and capture it via media capture on my premiere elements.I have captured another file this way off of the same flash card to PC to premiere, and it worked just fine. The only diference is the audio file is smaller, only 1 min and 22 seconds/ What am I doing wrong?

      Thanks for any help people!!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements and on what computer operating system?

          What is a description of the essentials of your computer resources?


          What are the properties of this assumed standalone audio file that had its origins in your Tascam?


          What exactly did you do when you wrote

          then onto PC from there I try and capture it via media capture on my premiere elements

          Please elaborate on "media capture".


          With the resulting Timeline content, you are pointing to a difference of about 1 minute (it works) to over an hour (it does not work).

          Have you been able target in on the limit of works/does not work? Does it make any difference to the issue if you place video over

          the full content of the 1 hour + audio?