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    Cinema 4d lite textures not loading properly


      Hi, I'm fairly new to Cinema 4d and 3D animation in general. I've been using After Effects for quite some time however.


      I've created an animation of the earth rotating with clouds, an atmosphere, and night time city lights on the dark side. When I bring it into AE the clouds and night time lights don't seem to be loading when I select 'standard (Final)' as the renderer in the Cineware Effect. I've also tried rendering out a short section of the animation as PNGs and it still appears without the clouds or lights.


      This is the Tutorial I followed to create the earth if that helps at all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RGFohIyG1Q


      I'm using the most up to date versions of both software.




      EDIT: I managed to fix the issue. I did a bunch more searching around and found that someone else had a similar issue. I was able to fix it by going into the C4D file and then chose "save project with assets". then imported that project file. I guess it's a glitch in AE where it can't find some of the textures unless it's all saved together like this.